Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Resubmitting my novel after changes

This week I finally finished making suggested changes by an agent and resubmitted my inspirational romance to her. She asked for the One Sheet, the Proposal and the full mss to be hardmailed.  Wow! I printed out 307 pages, thumbed through them again and still made changes, which meant reprinting changed pages.
But now I've sent that baby off with my blessing for $13.50 at the US Post office. It's a relief and that's why I now have time to blog! And get on with my Book 2 idea of a prequel.  Yes, I polished up a One Sheet on the prequel and also enclosed it as the last sheet in the agent's package. That night I woke up almost in a sweat. WHAT IF she says she wants the second book and how soon can I get it ready?  Can I do a second book when it took me 30 years to write this first one?  Yes, I did say 30. Kinda. I wrote the first draft of this novel 30 years ago. But the Lord called me into the ministry and I stuck the whole big box of research and the first draft which was typed on a Selectric typewriter up in my attic. When I  retired from full-time pastoring, I pulled the box down and have been rewriting ever since. But NOW that child (teenager/young adult?) is on its way to a New York agent. NEVER GIVE UP on YOUR novel dream.

A great quote heard at a homeschooler's high school graduation service this week which was so spiritual and blessed I had to fight tears several times: Here's the quote:

"If you've been called to be a missionary, don't stoop to be a king."

    And one touching sentence of a father's blessing to his graduating daughter as her video shots rolled by:
"Lord, whatever you don't protect her from, perfect her through."

Graduation the way it was meant to be with God and parents fully involved!

Elva Cobb Martin