Monday, August 15, 2011

Plotting Tips Part 1

Get a cuppa tea (or your favorite beverage) and let's talk some more about writing while
sitting in the shade on this lovely Unpubbed Island. Here's a cup for you and a photo of our setting.

Now, comfy?  Let's chat about plotting. Are you a seat-of-the pants writer or do you like to plan and outline? I'm more of a planner. I like to know pretty much where I am going before starting out. Two folks have been a good help to me in finding a good plan for plotting my wip (work in progress).  Randy Ingermanson has his great Snowflake method many find useful, including me. You can find out about it at I also like Cheryl Wyatt's "Plotstorming" idea, one of many great articles recorded in Seekerville's "The Unpublished Author's Boot Camp Manual".  You can go to the manual by googling Click on the button at top
"Writer's Resources." See article and click on "The Unpubbed Author's Boot Camp Manual for 2011". This manual has a ton of information and easy click on articles covering every aspect of writing and getting published. In my next blog I will share some helpful things I've learned and am using from this manual.
Be blessed today and keep writing, planning and plotting. Don't get carried away by the sand, sea and blue sky on Unpubbed Island. It's a place we need to vacate!   Elva Cobb Martin