Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Review of ML Tyndales Elusive Hope

MaryLu has done it again with Book 2, in her Escape to Paradise series, Elusive Hope.

Magnolia, uprooted from her pleasurable southern Plantation life by her stern father, battles homesickness, low self-esteem and an addiction to rum. She cannot think of love or of a God who seems to have abandoned her.

 Hayden lives, breathes and dreams nothing but revenge against his swindler father who abandoned him and his mother when Hayden was a child. He also knows he has become very much like the man he hates. Love and faith have no place in his goals.

But romance does bloom between these two in the midst of a steamy tropical forest full of snakes, spiders and demonic apparitions after Magnolia attaches herself to Hayden thinking he’ll help her escape to Rio de Janeiro and to passage on a ship back home. The haughty southern girl and proud, savvy swindler meet their matches in each other. Both of their dreams, his to get revenge on his father, hers to get back home, keep tantalizing but eluding them with every new plan they concoct.

No one but MaryLu Tyndale could write such romantic scenes in a sweltering, dangerous, bug-infested jungle in Brazil and then draw all the story threads together, including spiritual renewal and deliverance, into a surprising and satisfying ending.

In her next book coming out this Spring, MaryLu is back on the high seas with a great romance and adventure. I look forward to reading The Ransom.

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Elva Cobb Martin

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