Friday, June 14, 2019

Seeds of the American Revolution - Part 2

by Elva Cobb Martin

The Royal Proclamation of 1763

After the French and Indian War, Britain decreed the lands west of the Allegheny Mountains as Indian territory and barred settlement for two years. 

The colonists protested as they wanted to continue migrating west. They felt Britain was trying to hold them back from the very lands they fought and died for and spent enormous sums of money supplying the army.

But Britain wanted to keep the colonists confined to coastal areas and easy access to govern and tax them and keep all their trade for Britain.

Many colonist ignored the Proclamation Line. They moved across the mountains anyway. 

One famous settler was Daniel Boone. He moved his family into Kentucky and spent many years leading settlers across the mountains into the Indian territory.

Britain did not see or did not care that their American colonies were beginning to seethe with indignation and Parliament decreed more and more taxes and quartered soldiers in the colonists' homes to feed and house.

In 1765 The Sons of Liberty were formed. More about them in my next blog!

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