Sunday, January 31, 2016

My Review of MaryLu Tyndall's Charity's Cross

MaryLu Tyndall is one of the most satisfying writers I know of historical romance and adventure, not to mention inspirational historical romance which puts her out front of most historical authors I read. 

Her just released historical romance, Charity’s Cross, underscores this assertion in many ways from the engrossing hook in the first line to the wonder-if-it’s-gonna-to- happen HEA ending on the last page. I’ve read most of Tyndall’s romances, and Charity Westcott and Elias Dutton may be her best drawn hero and heroine ever. In Charity’s Cross you’ll not only get an exciting read of romance on the high seas, which is one of Tyndall’s trademarks, but you’ll also rejoice to see two flawed, vulnerable people struggle their way to God’s complete forgiveness, restoration, and a new beginning.

For writers, Charity’s Cross is a fresh work of fiction to study how the major plots of inspirational romance are played out and meshed into a great novel—the romance plot, the spiritual plot, and what I call the mystery plot or surprises (good and bad). Tyndall is a master of GMC (goals/motivation/conflict) for her characters which makes you burn the midnight oil to finish the story. She is also creator of unique details like Charity repeating verses of a nursery rhyme, as a mantra, to translate her away from something terrible happening that she can’t control, like the abuse of her former husband.

I am happy to give five stars to Charity’s Cross and advise all you romance readers and writers: Get the book! Share it.
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Elva Cobb Martin