Thursday, March 13, 2014

What Is Christian Fiction? Is it Alive and Well? PART 1 by Elva Cobb Martin

As a writer or reader of Christian fiction, what do you look for in a book from a Christian publisher or Christian author?

What do you hope to see?

What do you definitely NOT want to see?

What is Christian fiction?

Last month Colleen Coble, award-winning author and CEO of American Christian Fiction Writers and her friends at Harper Collins sent out a fiction survey asking similar questions.

Publishers, editors, agents, and writers are asking these questions anew today as the Christian fiction traditional publishing industry struggles to prosper or even, in some cases, to survive.

As a writer, I'm sure you’ve heard “Every CBA agency and publishing house has a slightly different idea of what’s okay and what’s not, so study their guidelines.” Does this prove a problem for you even after you research guidelines? If so, you're among quite a few for whom it does.                                                       

Do you have a bucket list of things you would like to do in Christian fiction you write or what

you would like to see in Christian fiction you read? What about a list of what you do not want to write or read?”

Thanks for stopping by! We’d love for you to share your comments as we continue with this series examing Christian fiction and where it might be headed.

Elva Cobb Martin