Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Writer's Devotion: Writing in a Fierce Culture

by Elva Cobb Martin

Second Timothy 3:1 in The Passion Translation exhorts us:

"You need to be aware that in the final days the culture of society will become extremely fierce."

This New Testament book, II Timothy, is Paul's swan song, his very last writing. He seeks to impart wisdom and courage to his spiritual son Timothy. In Chapter 3 he warns Timothy what society will be like in the last days: self-centered, obsessed with money, proud, mockers of all that is right, addicted to hate and malicious slander. "Slaves to their desires..." he says, "they will act without restraint."

Sounds like he's been reading our newspapers, watching our TV, and internet. So many disturbing things are going on, especially from the pro-abortion, pro-gay advocates that we need to take our stand against.

Our pastor put this in context for me recently when he said, "We Christians are called to show unconditional love, but not unconditional approval."

As Christian writers how can we deal with all the upsetting things, take our stand when we can, keep our sanity and focus, and still manage to write something worthwhile? Is writing fiction a valid realm to spend our time on?

Award-winning authors Brock and Bodie Thoene believe that fiction is biblical. That Jesus didn't just give people the facts of how to have a good life, he told the facts in a story context that captured their hearts. Parables. Stories. They believe Christian writers can go into all the world with their books and help change lives with Christian themes in the context of a great story.

My new novel, Marisol, will be released next week, November 12. My premise or theme for this story is:

Love, forgiveness, and determination can overcome terrible experiences and poor choices when God is invited into the equation.

Escaping to the New World is her only option...Rescuing her will wrap the chains of the Spanish Inquisition around his neck. 

 Marisol Valentin flees Spain after murdering the nobleman who molested her. She ends up for sale on the indentured servants’ block at Charles Town harbor—dirty, angry, and with child. Her hopes are shattered, but she must find a refuge for herself and the child she carries. Can this new land offer her the grace, love, and security she craves? Or must she escape again to her only living relative in Cartagena?

Captain Ethan Becket, once a Charles Town minister, now sails the seas as a privateer, grieving his deceased wife. But when he takes captive a ship full of indentured servants, he’s intrigued by the woman whose manners seem much more refined than the average Spanish serving girl. Perfect to become the governess for his young son.

As their paths intertwine on a journey filled with danger, intrigue, and romance, only love and the grace of God can overcome the past and ignite a new beginning for Marisol and Ethan.
Do you think this story might have a message that could impact our fierce culture?

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Elva Cobb Martin is Vice President of the SC Chapter of American Christian Fiction Writers. She is a former school teacher and a graduate of Anderson University and Erskine College. She has two inspirational novels published, Summer of Deception, a contemporary romantic suspense, and an historical romance, In a Pirate’s Debt. Both have spent time on Amazon’s 100 Best Sellers List for Women’s Religious Fiction. She has indie published a Bible study on Amazon, Power Over Satan, on the  believer's authority in Christ. Decision, Charisma, and Home Life have carried Elva's articles. She and her husband Dwayne are retired ministers. A mother and grandmother, Elva lives in South Carolina. Connect with her on her web site, Twitter; Facebook;  and Pinterest  
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