Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Heroes to Die For

Doesn't everyone love a real hero? Of course, I live with my favorite hero, my hubby of quite a few years. Then there's our law officer son we put in the same category and a little grandson who may very well fit the bill one day as well. 

As an inspirational romance writer I love to find pictures of possible heroes to consider as I create a novel.  Here are a few of my favorite hero photos, past and present, some of which show a likely heroine as well. Which one(s) strike a creative cord in your writer's heart?

       Here's David Thompson looking ready for any kind of contemporary story about a savvy, determined lawyer maybe.
What's not to like about Tyrone Power--in any role--but especially as a pirate?

Would you vote for Colin Firth and his roles in Jane Austen novels? 

Philip Winchester is this hero's name, I think. Wonder what kind of gun he's holding? Hope he doesn't pull that trigger or he will surely break a lot of hearts.

Eddie Matos has a deep, deep look that          
makes one want to know more of his story! Whatever
it is, I think it will include some pain, and maybe revenge.

Of course Tim Tebow is a modern hero in every sense of the word.....                                                

Here is the picture I've chosen for my next hero, the son of my current pirate hero. Can you guess his name?

There is a lot more to a hero than a photo. In my next post I want to explore some of the characteristics I like in a hero. How would you make this list for a hero? Is there a different list for heroes in inspirational novels than in secular novels? You bet there is. Thanks for stopping by and I'd love to have your take on my "heroes." Is one your favorite?

Elva Cobb Martin