Friday, January 9, 2015

Rejection - Forcing Life Into My Wings

by Elva Cobb Martin

The lovely Emperor Moth has an interesting life story that helped me get through a rejection in my inbox this week. Here's a bit about the moth. Maybe it will help you.

A woman once kept a cocoon of an Emperor Moth for a year waiting for it the moth to emerge.
The cocoon had a strange construction in that the neck had a very narrow opening through which the mature insect would have to force its way. 

The great disparity between the size of the opening and size of the imprisoned moth made the onlooker wonder how the insect would ever emerge. She studied and found that it is believed the pressure to which the moth's body is subjected when passing through such a narrow passage is nature's way of forcing fluids into the wings.
And she could hardly wait to see those beautiful wings.

One day she witnessed the first efforts of her imprisoned moth to escape from its long confinement. She watched for some time as it patiently struggled to be free. It seemed unable to get beyond a certain point. Finally, the woman decided to give the moth a helping hand. With the point of her scissors, she snipped the confining threads to make the exit easier. The moth immediately rolled out, dragging a swollen body. The woman was sure she'd soon see the wings expand into their beautiful colors that were all there in miniature. But she looked in vain. The moth suffered an aborted life and only lived a few minutes.

Writing is a lot like writhing as you struggle to master the craft and edit and rewrite and rework and redo the whole process as long as it takes to escape from Unpubbed Island. 

I've decided to mark down the rejections in this struggle in honor of the Emperor Moth. They are part of the pressure that is simply forcing life into my wings!

How do you handle rejections? Do you feel like doing this?

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Elva Cobb Martin

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